Our mission is democratise the knowledge and practice of social transformation. We do this by training, cross-sector outreach, and putting ideas and insights to work.


Congratulations to Credit Do for their successful selection into The Points of Light Civic Accelerator Program 2016  - the first program and investment fund in the US focused on "civic ventures" that include people as part of the solution to critical social problems. 

We have been working with Credit Do to support their mission to deliver the first debt-free generation and break the cycle of financial exclusion specific to youth’s patterns with credit cards, work opportunity and affordability of college. 

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Our work is informed by complex adaptive systems thinking, social sciences, and principles of social justice. We take a co-design approach to support individuals, organisations and communities to go from insight, implementation to impact.


Using ethnographic inquiry, social co-design process, and systems thinking to see the big picture and explore possibilities.


Aligning vision, mission and opportunity to innovate solutions and achieve social impact.

Building and strengthening adaptive skills necessary for co-creating sustainable social change. 




Resources to support you to get the job done.

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SCC is part of a growing global community of practitioners engaging in global and local initiatives to build critical mass and catalyse action to bring about positive systemic changes. We work with diverse co-creatives and change agents, including human rights advocates, peace educators, policymakers, community-builders, and social entrepreneurs because the impact of our collective genius and collective action are more powerful than any one person or organisation can achieve alone.



 Robyn N. Lui
Founder & Principal

Robyn has over 20 years of international experience working on social justice issues. She has held positions as a senior government advisor, research academic, and international development consultant. Along the way, she also bootstrapped a few social enterprises. Her burning question: how might we re-design economic systems for human and planetary wellbeing. 

Robyn has a PhD in International Relations and Political Science from the Australian National University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

For fun, she gets dirty with a bit of trail running.

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             Priscilla Fox Curator of Communications

 Priscilla Fox
Curator of Communications

Priscilla is a communications professional with over 5 years in graphic & digital design & development. She is passionate about the digital space and is motivated to help businesses and entrepreneurs secure the perfect space on the net that embodies all that they represent in a fun and user-friendly way.

In her spare time, Priscilla loves tuning up her coding skills. She also loves to snap an online bargain, travels the world whenever the opportunity prevails, loves coffee and wears too much black. View Priscilla's profile on LinkedIn



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